Nanoparticle Sources

NanoGen Series

We offer a complementary range of instruments for the deposition and characterisation of nanoparticles. Our instruments allow precise beams of size-selected nanoparticles to be generated from almost any elemental or alloy base material. In addition, reactive particle generation allows oxide or nitride compound nanoclusters to be deposited. We can offer instruments for retrofit to existing vacuum chambers or complete system solutions for nanoparticle film growth.


NanoGenTrio can be utilized to produce a wide range of complex multi-element nanoclusters. Such particles can be generated in a variety of shapes, morphologies and compositions, which promote the enhanced performance of nanoparticle coating in applications such as catalysts, optics and magnetic systems.


NanoShell coater is designed for deposition of an external shell of one material onto a nanoparticle consisting of another material. This method presents an interesting opportunity to create structures with combinations of properties that neither individual material posseses.


MesoQ high-mass filter offers excellent size control of the deposited nanoparticles by utilising in-situ mass spectrometry as a size measurement and filtration tool. It serves as a reliable, controllable and reproducible instrument for fabrication of size-selected nanocluster coatings.