Plasma Sources

MATS Series

RF atom sources have been used with great success in many semiconductor film-growth applications, such as GaN, GaInNAs, ultra-thin Al2O3, high-K dielectrics and are being employed in a range of other applications such as data storage, catalytic films, and surface cleaning with atomic hydrogen.

RFM Ion Cleaning

Beams of accelerated ions are used to modify and erode surfaces under vacuum conditions. By carefully selecting the energy and composition of an ion-beam, this can be used to improve significantly the characteristics of a growing film by both densifying the film and modifying the chemical composition of the film. Alternatively, ion beams can be used to erode (mill) existing films or sputter a target material to project a plume of material for deposition on a substrate. In the latter case, the growing films can have excellent qualities for many applications owing to the elevated kinetic energy of the sputtered material.