UHV Components

Deposition Stages

We manufacture a complementary range of deposition stages able to perform well in most demanding scientific applications.

E-beam Evaporators

Mini electron beam evaporators are employed to give maximum control of the evaporation rate at low fluxes and, importantly, to minimise contamination of the vapour stream for sensitive application areas such as surface science or thin-film doping. The construction of mini e-beam evaporators should therefore be aimed at maximising the evaporation control and minimising contamination.


The Mantis ComCell effusion cell series are designed for high-purity, high-precision evaporation of materials in MBE or hybrid UHV applications.

Nanoparticle Sources

We offer a complementary range of instruments for the deposition and characterisation of nanoparticles. Our instruments allow precise beams of size-selected nanoparticles to be generated from almost any elemental or alloy base material. In addition, reactive particle generation allows oxide or nitride compound nanoclusters to be deposited. We can offer instruments for retrofit to existing vacuum chambers or complete system solutions for nanoparticle film growth.

Organic Evaporators

Organic materials are playing a very important role in many types of coating structures and applications, including organic electronics, photovoltaics and OLEDs. Mantis organic evaporators offer a high precision control in the deposition of organic coatings from submonolayer range to continuous films. The ORMA sources can be also used in combination with inorganic sources to achieve hybrid organic/inorganic deposition processes to fulfill applications that combine organic and inorganic films.

Plasma Sources

RF atom sources have been used with great success in many semiconductor film-growth applications, such as GaN, GaInNAs, ultra-thin Al2O3, high-K dielectrics and are being employed in a range of other applications such as data storage, catalytic films, and surface cleaning with atomic hydrogen.

Sputtering Sources

The CUSP series magnetron sputter sources are designed for precise UHV sputtering processes. All sources are equipped as standard with integral gas-feed allowing a higher local pressure to exist immediately above the sputter target than in the surrounding chamber with the consequence that the source can be operated at lower overall chamber pressure. We offer true-UHV sources with no o-rings or elastomers. The magnets are not contained within the water-cooling circuit and are consequently not subject to potential corrosion problems.

System Components

We manufacture a series of different system components such as throttle valves, load-lock chambers, lamp heaters and more,  these can be fitted into your existing deposition system.

Thermal Boat Sources

Thermal Boat Sources (TBS) are designed for light thin film metal evaporation. The evaporation process can be performed under very high vacuum conditions resulting in very few impurities being ncorporated into the deposited films.

Thermal Gas Crackers

Thermal Gas Crackers (TGC) are used to dissociate molecular gases. most commonly hydrogen, to atomic form, thereby increasing their reactivity by many orders of magnitude. In contrast to plasma-based atom sources (such as our MATS series) there is no intrinsic minimum in the gas flow requirement, which makes these sources suitable for low-flow applications such as Surface Science.