Thermal Boat Sources


TBS evaporators are mainly designed for light thin film metal evaporation. Two variants are available with either two or four boats being available. The integrated cross-contamination shielding allows for simultaneous cross-talk free materials deposition. Individual shutters assigned to each boat allow perfect handling of the source. The optional QMB feedback to the boat allows for precise control of the deposited layers.


Thin Layer Deposition
The TBS evaporators are perfectly suited for thin layer metals deposition.

Optical Coatings
TBS evaporators are also used to deposit various optical coatings to create reflective/anti-reflective/hard layers or colors.

Multilayer Deposition
Due to the precise control of the TBS evaporators multilayers can be deposited very efficiently.

Contact Metallisation
Routine contact metallisation is one of the most commonly applied techniques to the TBS evaporators.


The thermal boat sources are designed with all metal vacuum seals and are fully bakeable to 250°C and are UHV compatible. Two sources are fitted onto one NW100CF flange and are separated by a cross-contamination shielding. The sources can accommodate filaments or boats and can be positioned inside the chamber for either upwards or downwards evaporation. The sources are not directly water-cooled, however, the design of the sources allows to introduce minimal thermal load to the chamber. TBS-2-800 are connected to a high-current power supply with 100A current upper limit.


Manual and Motor-driven Shutters
The thermal boat sources can be outfitted with an integral manual or motor-driven shutter. The shutters feature a rotary feedthrough which is magnetically coupled to ensure longevity.

Different shapes and sizes of boats can be fitted on request.


Model TBS-2-800 TBS-4-800
Mounting Flange NW100CF (6") NW150CF (6")
UHV Yes, bakeable to 250°C Yes, bakeable to 250°C
Boat Sources 2 4
Boat/Filament Length 1 7/8" as standard
(can be changed on request)
1 7/8" as standard
(can be changed on request)
Max Current 100A 100A
Shutters Yes Yes
Power Supply Included Included