ORMA Series


Organic materials are increasingly playing an important role in many types of coating structures and applications such as electronics, solar cells, OLEDs and photovoltaics. These materials have several advantages over inorganic materials including low cost, high deposition rates and unique physical and optical properties.

The ORganic MAterials evaporator (ORMA) is a low temperature evaporation source for deposition of organic materials in high and ultra-high vacuum environments. The purpose of ORMA is to provide our customers with the ability to deposit thin organic films and to dope electronic devices with organic materials. Organic materials can provide unique molecular doping combinations to achieve a wide range of electrical, optical, and electro-optical properties.

The ORMA design originated from a close collaboration between the group of Roman Fasel at EMPA in Dübendorf, Switzerland and Mantis Deposition. EMPA is using ORMA for advanced research in molecular engineering and functional organic layer growth.


Surface Science

  • Fundamental understanding of molecule-substrate interaction
  • Understanding and control of surface supported supra-molecular structures
  • Adsorption of molecules on vicinal surfaces

High Precision Epitaxial Film Growth

  • Low-dimensional organic materials
  • Nanostructure scale organic device fabrication
  • Synthesis of novel organic materials

Functional Organic Films

  • OLEDs
  • Organic solar cells
  • Organic conductors
  • Magnetic materials


The ORMA has six pockets which can be independently controlled to achieve simultaneous co-evaporation of several organic materials. The high degree of control inherent to the design of the source enables the deposition of organic coatings from submonolayer range to continuous films.

The general concept of ORMA operation can be described as follows. The evaporant is placed inside a quartz crucible surrounded by a filament. The heating of the crucible is achieved by passing an electrical current through the filament and generating radiative heat, which in turn heats the evaporation material. ORMA provides continuous heating of material up to 600°C.

The temperature of the material in each pocket is individually monitored by a thermocouple (type K). The thermocouple signal is fed into a PID controller, which maintains a constant temperature in the crucible and creates a constant flux of evaporated material from the source towards the substrate. The ORMA design ensures precise and reproducible temperature control, which is essential for organic material evaporation.

The ORMA is optimised for evaporation over a temperature range of 50°C to 600°C and its temperature stability at optimal PID settings is better than 0.05°C.

The entire source assembly is water cooled in order to avoid any temperature cross-talk between the individual crucibles. The water cooling of the ORMA source has proven to be very efficient even when operating for extended periods of time at high powers, resulting in a negligible effect on the chamber base pressure.

The crucible capacity is 6 x 60mm3, which makes the ORMA source suitable for the deposition of thin films and functionalization of surfaces. The unique design of the crucible allows an in-situ exchange of crucibles using a wobblestick without breaking vacuum.

The ORMA crucible is made out of quartz, which is an excellent inert container that ensures no chemical reaction with the organic evaporant. In addition, quartz works reliably even at high temperatures exceeding 600°C with very little outgassing.

The source is designed to be fully serviced in the field. The head of the instrument has no brazed ceramics which can be broken or coated and the filament assembly can be easily accessed for a quick exchange.


Manual and Motor-driven Shutters
The ORMA sources can be equipped with an integral manual or motor-driven shutter. The shutter features a magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough and the shutter drive has a pocket indexer, which allows any one pocket to be available for evaporation.

Power Supplies
The ORMA source is supplied with one power supply as standard. For co-evaporation one power supply is required per pocket. The power supply has a PID controller to provide real-time temperature monitoring and closed loop feedback for stable operation.

Custom Length
To accomodate different needs the ORMA is available in different lengths and different configurations. Please contact us for details.


Model ORMA-6 Power 10W/pocket
Mounting Flange NW63CF (4 1/2") Crucible Material Quartz
Number Of Pockets 6 Crucible capacity 60mm3
Co-evaporation Yes In-vacuum Length (standard) 150mm
PID control Yes In-vacuum Diameter 62mm
Maximum Temperature 600°C Focal Length 129mm
Temperature Stability 0.05°C Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min)