MGC Series


The MGC-75 gas cracker uses a proprietary, capillary cracking tube to efficiently dissociate molecular gases at relatively low temperatures. Fitted on a standard NW35CF flange the source can be fitted to almost any vacuum chamber. It can be used with a variety of gases including hydrogen, oxygen, ammonia, chlorine, fluorine and other gases. Ideal for flow rates of 0 to 1 sccm, the catalytic cracking mechanism delivers above 90% cracking efficiency of diatomic hydrogen with only 75W of power and less than 1000°C. The cracking mechanism delivers an ion free flux that eliminates substrate damage that occurs with other cracking methods.


Surface Cleaning
Mantis MGC Gas Crackers are commonly used for sample preparation in surface analysis systems.

Surface Termination / Modification
MGC Gas Crackers are also used for the sample preparation before deposition such as e.g. hydrogen termination, passivation or oxygenation.

Epitaxial Deposition
MGC Gas Crackers are used where space is limited and samples are small (e.g. 10 x 10 mm2) such as in compact MBE systems for the growth of nitrides, oxides or for the nitridation or oxidation of samples during/after layer growth.


The all metal seal design makes the MGC source fully bakeable to 250°C and UHV compatible.

The source is engineered with a user changeable filament and no brazed ceramics in the construction. This design is very robust and can be serviced in the field by the user. The high voltage bias of the gas cracking capillary is localised to the cracking zone to eliminate unintentional ionisation of excess gas.

Performance of MGC75: Oxygen Cracking


Manual or Motor-Driven Shutters
The MGC source can be outfitted with an integrated shutter. The rotary shutter is configured with a magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough that ensures longevity and UHV compatibility. The MGC75 can be outfitted with either manual or motor actuated shutter.


Model MGC-75
Max. Power
(required for optimum cracking)
Cracking Efficiency Up to 90% (Hydrogen)
In-vacuum Diameter 32mm
Mounting Flange NW35CF (2 3/4")
In-vacuum Length (standard) 300mm
Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min)
Gas Flow 0-1sccm
Operating Gas Oxygen, hydrogen