MesoQ high-mass quadrupole filter allows the user to generate precise beams of size-selected nanoclusters when it is placed in line with NanoGen50 or NanogGenTrio nanoparticle source.

Typically during nanoparticle synthesis, the nanoclusters emerge from the nanoparticle source with a particle diameter distribution of around +/-20%. By placing MesoQ in line with the source, it is possible to narrow the distribution to +/-2% and nanoparticles as small as few atoms can be filtered.

The MesoQ may be set to scan or filter in units of mass (amu) or particle diameter in nanometres. The mass range of the MesoQ filter is 350 - 106amu.


The MesoQ quadrupole filter is used to size select the nanoclusters and used in all Nanogen applications:. Thin film Solar Cells/high-efficiency Photovoltaics, Fuel Cells. Medical Devices, Medical Devices, Gas & Liquid Sensors, Photocatalysts, Magnetic Storage.


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In order to mass-select nanoclusters, AC and DC voltage is applied to four straight metal rods inside MesoQ. Any ionised nanoparticle passing through the rods will be forced into an oscillating path. For a given AC frequency and amplitude, only one mass (within the resolution of the instrument) will continue on a stable oscillating path and other masses will be rejected. In this way the user can select the desired mass of the nanocluster just by varying the frequency and amplitude of AC and DC voltage.

A grid at the exit of the MesoQ samples the ion flux at the selected mass and the resultant current is measured. This current value may be used as a relative measure of the number of incoming nanoparticles of the selected mass.

By scanning across the mass range and measuring the collected current, it is possible to obtain a distribution of nanoclusters according to their size.

MesoQ is supplied with the control software, which enables the user to operate the filter in extremely effective way. The software has the graphical display and the option of logging the values read from the unit during a scan to a text file. The text file is TAB delimited and can be loaded by most spreadsheet editing programs.


T-piece for Differential Pumping
T-piece is used for mounting MesoQ mass filter on to the vacuum chamber. It is particularly useful when there are spatial constraints in the chamber or if it is necessary to separate MesoQ and nanoparticle source from the rest of the vacuum system. In addition, it features a pumping port suitable for a 80ls-1 turbo pump to facilitate differential pumping of the mass-filter.

XY Steering of Nanoclusters
MesoQ can be fitted with beam steering plates for manipulation of nanocluster beam emerging from the instrument. This feature is designed to bend the beam in a particular X-Y direction or to focus the beam as it exits the MesoQ.

The control is enabled or disabled from within MesoQ software. Optimum values for deflecting or focussing the beam will need to be determined empirically for nanoparticles of a particular size and composition.


Model MesoQ
Mounting Flange NW150CF (8")
In-vacuum Length 287mm
Mass-filter Range 350 - 106amu
Operation Through dedicated software
Nanocluster Filtering Mass, size
Size Variation