MATS Series


The MATS sources generate an inductively coupled plasma to dissociate various gases that include nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and other molecular gases. Using RF (13.56MHz) powered coil, the energy is transferred to the plasma, which results in a "soft" plasma that has minimal ion energy.

The MATS sources deliver high volume flux of electrostatically neutral atoms that are excellent for epitaxial growth of nitrides and oxides. The radicals are highly reactive and have a low kinetic energy and will not damage the epitaxial structure. A small amount of ions are generated in the process, but MATS sources can be equipped with charge deflection plates to ensure that the flux reaching the substrate is neutral.


The MATS series RF atom source is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, like:

  • Oxide MBE growth, such as e.g. ZnO, Al2O3 and high-K dielectrics
  • Nitride MBE-growth, such as e.g. GaN or GaInNAs
  • Nitrogen Doping in II-VI materials, such as e.g. ZnTe, CdTe, CdZnTe, CdMgTe and ZnMgTe
  • Oxygen Doping in III-V materials

Atomic Hydrogen Processing/Cleaning
The MATS series RF atom source can also be used for substrate cleaning using atomic hydrogen.


The MATS source is designed with all metal vacuum seal and is fully bakeable to 250°C and is UHV compatible. The plasma discharge tube is constructed from a high purity ceramic that is dependent on the operating gas of the source. The robust induction coil is internally water cooled. Additionally, the gas inlet of the source is water cooled that helps to eliminate impurities from being outgassed from the steel of the gas inlet. The tip of the source is also water cooled and coupled to the exterior shields. This keeps the source cool during operation and keeps you UHV pristine.

The MATS30 is Mantis Deposition's most popular atom source for epitaxial growth processes. The standard 4.5" CF flange mount allows the source to be integrated to almost any commercially available MBE system. High plasma density allows typical growth rates of 1 micron per hour deposition rate for epitaxial materials. The MATS30 is fully servicable by the user.

MATS60 (shown to the left)
The MATS60 is a large scale atom source that is ideal for production and pilot production applications. The large aperture delivers uniform coverage across large samples and platens used in the production environment. Mounted on a standard 6" CF flange, the MATS60 can be integrated to most large scale deposition systems. The MATS60 source is also proven in high throughput atomic hydrogen processes.


Automatic matching network
We supply automatic matching units to ensure a perfectly tuned sources at a push of a button.

Plasma Emission Monitoring
Optical plasma emission monitoring can provide an insight into which molecular and atomic species are being generated in the plasma. The optical emission monitoring can be achieved by attaching a spectrometer to the plasma source and monitoring plasma emission lines through provided software package.

Manual or Automatic Shutters
The MATS sources can be outfitted with an integral manual or automatic shutter. The shutters feature a rotary feedthrough which is magnetically coupled to ensure longevity.

Beam Thermaliser
A beam thermaliser can be added to the end of the source to ensure that all atoms leaving the source are at thermal energy.

Discharge Tubes
The discharge zone is manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring minimal contamination of the beam. The discharge tube can be made out of PBN, quartz or alumina depending on your application.


Model MATS30 MATS60
RF Power 30-600W 30-600W
Gas Compatibility O2, N2, H2, CH4... O2, N2, H2, CH4...
In-vacuum Diameter 57mm 96mm
Mounting Flange NW63CF (4 1/2") NW100CF (6")
Recommended source-to-sample* (distance) 275mm 275mm
Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min)
Gas Flow 0.1-10sscm
(Aperture and gas dependent)
(Aperture and gas dependent)