ComCell Series


The ComCell effusion cell series are designed for high-purity, high-precision evaporation of materials in MBE or hybrid UHV applications.


The ComCell sources are used in research type deposition systems for sample preparation, thin film growth and MBE applications. ComCells can be tailored to the different material requirements with a hot lip or a cold lip.

Composite Materials
The ComCells are ideally suited for elements and compounds that require operation temperatures between 500°C and 1300°C.

ComCells can also be used as doping sources and are therefore equipped with conical crucibles.


The sources are all equipped as standard with a water-cooling shroud which ensures minimal outgassing contamination during operation. All elements in the hot zone are manufactured from either refractory materials or high-purity pyrolitic boron nitride. The filament housing forms a discrete unit, which can be removed and replaced as a sub-assembly, allowing rapid and reliable maintenance by the end-user.


Manual or Motor-Driven Shutter
Our K-cells can be outfitted with integrated shutters. Both manual and motor-driven actuation is available. All shutters utilize magnetically coupled rotation drives and are bellows free. This design provides unsurpassed longevity.

The ComCells can be supplied in a variety of options with low-temperature and high-temperature options available.

Users can select between PBN, Al2O3 and BeO crucibles depending on material and maximum operating pressure


Model ComCell10-500 ComCell10-1300 ComCell35-1300
Mounting Flange NW63CF (4 1/2") NW63CF (4 1/2") NW63CF (4 1/2")
Max Operating Temperature 600°C 1400°C 1400°C
Max Operating Temperature
500°C 1300°C 1300°C
Max Output Power 400W 600W 750W
In-vacuum Diameter 50mm 50mm 60mm
In-vacuum Length (standard) 300mm 300mm 300mm
Crucible Capacity 10cc 10cc 35cc
Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min)