CUSP Series


The CUSP Magnetron Sputter sources are the only commercially available sputter sources that are deep UHV (1x10-11Torr) compatible sources. The construction contains no elastometer seals and can be baked to 250°C. The feature of UHV compatibility enables ultra pure sputter deposition that eliminates unintentional oxidation and nitridation of materials.


Metals Deposition
The CUSP Sputter source series are perfectly suited for metal deposition such as e.g. reflective coatings, phase change materials, conductive metals, resistive films, insulating films or transparent electrical conductors (e.g. ITO).

Semiconductors Deposition
The CUSP is the ideal choice when it comes to deposition of semiconductor materials such as e.g. Silicon or Germanium or compound semiconductors such as ZnO.

Magnetic Materials
Optional extra high strength magnet sets allows the usage of CUSP sputter sources for magnetic materials deposition, e.g. in spintronics, micro-magnetics and intermetallics.

Dielectrics Deposition
The CUSP can be used to deposit di-electrical materials such as e.g. ceramics or the oxides/nitrides of various metals (e.g. Al2O3) in reactive oxygen/nitrogen environment, as well as in oxygen/nitrogen gas mixes.

Lens Coatings/Optical Storage Coatings
CUSP Sputter sources are also used to deposit optical coatings e.g. for lenses to create reflective / anti-reflective / hard layers, phase change materials or simply colors.

Nanoparticles Creation
The unique nanoparticle source (NanoGen Series) uses a modified CUSP sputter source to create Nanoparticles.

Wear Resistant Films
CUSP sources are used to deposit e.g. TiN films.

Photovoltaic Thin Films
CUSP sources are also suited for the deposition of thin films in photovoltaics such as solar cells.


The CUSP has an electrically isolated and grounded water cooling circuit. This eliminates the need for additional equipment or precautions to protect from the biased coolant. Additionally, tap water can be used to cool the source, which reduces the cost of operation.

All sources can be used for DC or RF sputtering.

The CUSP-1iU uses 1" sputter targets up to 1/4" in thickness. Mounted onto a 4.5" CF flange, the CUSP-1iU can be integrated to many deposition systems.

The most popular magnetron, the CUSP-2iU utilises 2" sputter targets up to 1/4" in thickness. The source is mounted on a 6" CF flange. An optional gas hood can be fitted to the CUSP-2iU to increase the plasma density directly above the target.

The CUSP-3iU is ideal for applications that have substrate of larger than 4" in diameter. Utilizing a 3" target that is up to 1/4" thickness, the large target area ensures a large area deposition distribution. The CUSP-3iU is configured on a 6" CF flange.


Manual or Motor-Driven Shutter
All of the CUSP sources can be outfitted with integrated shutters. Both manual and motor-driven actuation is available. All shutters utilise magnetically coupled rotation drives and are bellows free. This design provides unsurpassed longevity.

Gas Hood
The sources can be fitted with gas hoods in order to reduce operational pressure of the sources.

In-situ Tilt
The sources can be designed to have an in-situ tilt (+/-30°) without breaking the vacuum in the chamber.

The sources can be placed on Z-shift to change the position of source in the chamber.

Power Supply
A range of power supplies is available to provide controlled DC or reactive RF sputter deposition.

MFC Controller
The Mantis Deposition MFC controller can be coupled with any of the CUSP sources to manage gas flow for up to four different gas lines. The unit can be interfaced to MKS and Bronkhorst mass flow controllers and can be mounted in a standard electronics rack. The MFC controller has four digital displays indicating the flow setting for each unit and has integrated gas calibration factors and full scale ranges for gas flow which are selectable from the front panel.

Process automation
Automated process control can be paired with the CUSP sources and supporting hardware to enable the operators to program highly reproducible recipe driven processes. The software can interface to the power supplies, gas control and motorised shutter of one or multiple CUSP sources.


Model CUSP-1iU CUSP-2iU CUSP-3iU
Mounting Flange NW63CF (4 1/2") NW100CF (6") NW100CF (6")
Target Diameter 1" (25mm) 2" (50mm) 3" (75mm)
Max Target Thickness 4mm 6mm 6mm
In-vacuum Diameter 60mm 70mm 96mm
In-vacuum Length 150mm (min), 400mm (max) 150mm (min), 400mm (max) 150mm (min), 400mm (max)
Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min)