Research Highlights: First MBE growth of epitaxial LaAuSb films to tune the layer buckling in ferroic ABC intermetalics

Kawasaki et al, at the University of Wisconsin, USA, have used a customised MANTIS M600 MBE tool to demonstrate the first epitaxial growth of LaAuSb single crystalline films to enable detailed structural and electronic measurements. 

Jason Kawasaki transfers a sample into the molecular beam epitaxy for film growth. Photo credit: Stephanie Precourt

Kawasaki et al have demonstrated the growth of LaAuSb, which with a 19-electron count, has one more valence electron that most stable ABC intermatallics.  Analysis has suggested that the electron count provides a new method for tuning layer buckling in ferroic ABCs, alongside convential epitaxial strain and chemical pressure. 

STEM measurements of LaAuSb epitaxial film, revealed highly buckled planes of Au-Sb atoms, with strong interlayer Au-Au interactions and a doubling of the unit cell. ´╗┐This buckling is four times larger than the buckling observed in other ABCs with similar composition, e.g., LaAuGe and LaPtSb.

Download the full paper here