QUBE Series (High Vacuum)


The QUBE series deposition system is based on a front-loading box-type chamber based upon a six faceted frame machined from stainless steel and 5 interchangeable panels, which can be easily swapped around to achieve the desired system configuration. By replacing one panel with an optional sliding door, this allows the system to be easily adapted to a Glovebox.

Depending on the type of the panel, it may serve as a chamber wall (blank panel), a viewport (viewport panel), a deposition source (source panel), a QCM (QCM panel) or a pump and pressure gauge panel.

Base ports are confocal as standard allowing a wider variety of deposition sources to be employed than with non-confocal arrangements. The system is equipped as standard with a 265ls-1 turbo pump, but alternative pumping speed or types can be specified (e.g. 430 ls-1 or 685 ls-1). An optional available throttle valve for sputtering processes is also available.

When pumping down the system with a 265ls-1 turbo pump, the base pressure reaches a guaranteed value of 5.0 x 10-6 mbar in just 15 minutes. The QUBE's ultimate base vacuum pressure is 1 x10-7 mbar.

The QUBE deposition system fits perfectly in a laboratory, which makes it the ideal tool for a lot of routine deposition processes, for small scale teaching laboratories, attached to a glove box or clean rooms where the available space is limited.


  • Routine Sample Preparation, Sputtering, E-Beam and Thermal Evaporation
  • Anti-reflection Coatings
  • Dielectrics
  • Nanostructured Films
  • Multilayers
  • Optical Coatings
  • Device Metallisation
  • Ultra-thin Films
  • SEM Sample Coating
  • Lab Scale Teaching System


The QUBE sample stage is typically placed at the top of the chamber with the sample facing downwards. In order to exchange the sample, simply open the front door and conveniently place the sample on the holder.

The most common sample stage is suitable for a single 4" or 6" substrate, offering a basic functionality with a fixed sample stage. Stages with added functionality such as rotation (2-20rpm), heating (300°C), water cooling, tilting, mask handling and DC biasing are available as standard options.

These features ensure excellent film uniformity of the deposited films.


Sputter Sources
Designed for 2" diameter targets, the sputter sources are equipped with SmCo magnets and accept targets with thickness ranging from 1 to 6mm for non-magnetic materials and up to 1mm for magnetic materials. The typical target usage is around 43% for non-magnetic materials. The N-Type connectors allow operation with ether DC or RF power supplies.

Thermal Boat Sources
A single thermal boat source allows for the integration of a range of thermal boats for the deposition of both metals and organics/polymers.

E-beam Evaporators
The high accuracy (submonolayer) mini e-beam evaporator is ideal for ultra-thin film deposition with reliable process control. The source incorporates an in-situ flux monitor for monitoring the evaporation rate. The material can be deposited from either rod or crucible. The available crucible sizes are 210mm3, 390mm3 and 1000mm3. The bottom chamber mounted rotary Multipocket E-Beam Evaporator (up to 8 x 15cc) with x/y beam sweep, crucible indexer and shutter allows for the deposition of a large number of different materials without opening the chamber and at high powers. 


The system is configured as standard with full-range gauges to allow seamless pumpdown monitoring.

MFCs and Gas Supply
Mass Flow Controllers and gas supply are integrated into the system rack.

Frame with Integrated Rack and Electronics
All electronics are integrated into the system bench allowing a very compact footprint (122 x 70 x 180 cm (w/d/h)) of the system and excellent serviceability. The System weight is 350 to 400kg, depending on the components being installed.

Computer with Titanium Control Software and Process Automation
The automation software package enables automated control over almost all functions of the system including recipe driven processes. Additionally, standard functions such as automatic pump down and venting are included.

Optional items
Mantis offers Class 10000 CleanRoom compatible assembly on request.