TITANIUM Process Automation


A comprehensive automation package is available for Mantis deposition systems. The software package enables automated control over almost all functions of the system and includes standard functions such as automatic pump down or venting. Features supported / included:

  • Full recipe-driven system automation.
  • Includes the replacement of all manual components with externally-controlled hardware.
  • Windows 7 run PC/laptop included.
  • Automatic and manual control.
  • Automatic pump-down and vent procedures.
  • Pressure read out.
  • Control of throttle and gas valves, shutters, MFCs, sample stage, power supplies.
  • Capability of writing procedures for deposition of multi-layers enabling fully automated processing cycles.
  • Real time monitoring and charting allows display of numeric readings and settings of each device (auto-scale mode or user defined).
  • Parameter logging storing all process conditions in a single file. Logging of the sent settings and the read values from all the instruments.