ABOUT US - Our Facilities

Our Facilites

Mantis Deposition HQ is located in Thame and successfully combines office space with extensive manufacturing floor space.

The current facility features:

  • Systems design
  • Purpose-built UHV instrument assembly area
  • Purpose-built electronics assembly area
  • R&D laboratory
  • Extensive systems build area
  • Factory stores
  • Packaging and shipping area

Systems Design

All of our instruments, system components and systems are designed in-house by a dedicated team of designers and engineers. This allows us to undertake and successfully complete highly custom and bespoke projects.

The modelling work is carried out using 3D CAD Design Software SolidWorks and our customers always have an option to see the virtual model of their system prior to the manufacturing process.

UHV Instrument Assembly

The instruments are assembled in a clean room environment and each project goes through a rigorous checking procedure:

  • Every part is checked for dimensions and tolerances
  • Every part is UHV cleaned
  • The instrument is always built to a drawing
  • Each instrument is subjected to independent mechanical and electrical tests

Electronics Assembly

The majority of electronics installed on Mantis systems are made in house by a dedicated team of electronics engineers. Our expertise is in:

  • Custom design of PCB boards
  • Specialised cables to fit Mantis instruments
  • Cables made to fit third party power supplies
  • In house built trays and power supplies for controlling Mantis instruments and system components
  • Fully wired interlock interruption systems for Mantis electronics racks
  • Full automation of Mantis deposition systems

Systems Build

The factory floor has a designated systems build area with water, power and gas facilities. The capacity permits to have 8 systems built at the same time, which include single or multi-chamber systems.

During the build, all instruments and system devices are subjected to:

  • Water check
  • Leak check
  • Tuning and configuration
  • Functional performance test
  • Communication test

R&D Laboratory

Our research and development laboratory has various HV and UHV systems, which are employed for development of new products and processes. This allows us to continually improve our technology and introduce new UHV products on the market.