RFMAX Series


The RFMax ion sources utilise Mantis Deposition's extensive knowledge of plasma technology. By generating an inductively coupled plasma and applying a high voltage to source's exit grids, the RFMax deliver a range of ion current and energies. The sources are capable of delivering a current of up to 6mA/cm2 and beam energies ranging from 0.1keV to more than 1keV.


Sample Preparation
The RFMax Ion sources are employed in pre-deposition processes such as sample cleaning or sample pre-preparation.

Ion Milling / Ion Beam Etching
The RFMax Ion sources are used in milling processes for ion-beam etching with oxygen or argon (depending on the grid material).

Ion Assisted Deposition (IBAD)
RFMax Ion sources are also used to support sputter deposition processes with ion beam assisted deposition.


The ion sources are designed with all metal vacuum seals and are fully bakeable to 250°C and are UHV compatible. The plasma discharge tube is constructed from a high purity ceramic, which is different depending on the operating gas of the source. The robust induction coil is internally cooled. Additionally, the gas inlet of the source is water cooled to eliminate impurities from being outgassed from the steel of the gas inlet. The tip of the sources is also water cooled and coupled to the exterior shields. This keeps the source cool during operation and keeps your UHV environment pristine.

The RFMax30 is a compact, wide range ion source that fits onto a standard 4.5" CF flange and can be integrated to most deposition systems. The source is engineered to be field serviceable for a low cost of operation.

The RFMax60 is a high performance, wide range ion source. The source is integrated to a standard 6" CF flange and has a beam diameter of 60mm leaving the source. The large beam diameter makes RFMax60 ideal for large sample applications. The source is mechanically robust and is engineered to be field serviceable for maximum operation time.




Automatic matching network
We provide automatic matching unit that ensures a perfectly tuned source at a push of a button. Each matching unit is individually engineered and tested to meet the individual source.

Plasma Emission Monitoring
Optical plasma emission monitoring can provide an insight into which species are being generated in the plasma. The optical emission monitoring can be achieved by attaching a spectrometer to the ion source and monitoring plasma emission lines through provided software package.

Manual or Motor-Driven Shutters
The RFMax sources can be outfitted with an integral manual or motor-driven shutter. The shutters feature a rotary feedthrough which is magnetically coupled to ensure longevity.

Discharge Tubes
The discharge zone is manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring minimal contamination of the beam. The discharge tube can be made out of PBN, quartz or alumina depending on your application.


Model RFMax30 RFMax60
RF Power 100-300W 100-600W
Beam Energy 0.1-1keV 0.1-1keV
Current Density Up to 5mA/cm2 Up to 6mA/cm2
In-vacuum Diameter 57mm 96mm
Mounting Flange NW63CF (4 1/2") NW100CF (6")
In-vacuum Length (standard) 290mm 290mm
Gas Compatibility O2, N2, H2, Ar... O2, N2, H2, Ar...
Minimum Cooling Water (0.5l/min) Water (0.5l/min)
Gas Flow 8-10sccm 10-15sccm