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Free Patents on line

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"Optical enhancement of light emitting devices

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"Degradable Endoprosthesis

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Commissariat a Venergie Atomique, October 30, 2009

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"Medical Devices Having Coatings for Therapeutic Agent Delivery

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"Medical Devices for Therapeutic Agent Delivery

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"Medical Devices Having Metal Coatings for Controlled Drug Release

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"Medical Devices Having Inorganic Particle Layers

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"Endoprosthesis with Coatings

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"All-gaseous deposition of nanocomposite films

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"Antibacterial Surface Coatings

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Vertically Self-Ordered Orientation of Nanocrystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride thin films for enhanced thermal characteristics

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Laser ablation of a Cu–Al–Ni combinatorial thin film library: analysis of crater morphology and geometry

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In situ solid-state electrochemistry of mass-selected ions at well-defined electrode–electrolyte interfaces

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Plasma-Assisted Nanoscale Protein Patterning on Si Substrates via Colloidal Lithography

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Super-capacitor and arrangement for miniature implantable medical device

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SIMS of Delta Layers in Organic Materials–Amount of Substance, Secondary Ion Species, Matrix Effects and Anomalous Structures in Argon Gas Cluster Depth

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