MANTIS Deposition

Mantis Deposition is a specialist instrumentation company developing high quality deposition components and systems used by researchers at the forefront of thin-film device technology development. Our products are designed for all cutting-edge materials research; including magnetics, optoelectronics, energy storage and renewables, catalysis and nanoelectronics incorporating OLED, semiconductor and even new graphene-type materials.

With over 130 deposition systems delivered globally to corporate research centres, national laboratories and universities we offer comprehensive technical support for all our customers.

We have locations in the UK, USA, Germany and China.

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Products and Results

Deposition Systems

The comprehensive line of integrated system platforms allows for deposition of simple metal coatings on a variety of substrates from small pieces and 2" samples to batch processing of 6 inch wafers. The systems are outfitted with Mantis Deposition's state of the art components tailored to your application.

UHV Components

Mantis Deposition manufactures a range of deposition components such as e-beam evaporators, magnetron sputter sources, gas crackers and atom plasma sources. All our sources are UHV compatible.

Latest Technology

At Mantis we are constantly developing new technology through our own in-house Research and Development experts. In this section we are listing all new and upcoming products which cover our most recent technological developments.


Mantis Deposition manufactures various tools for generation and manipulation of nanoparticle materials. In this section we give an introduction to our nanoparticle technology.

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